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Wholefoods offers a great space for groups to host fundraisers, parties, trivia, movie nights and general catch-ups, both during and after hours. We don't charge for the use of our space for student groups; and with a special focus on fostering community and engaging patrons with pressing social and environmental issues, we fill a special niche. To find out more, read on!



The Wholefoods kitchen is a great place to prepare meals for fundraisers and other events, with access to ovens, stoves and dishwashing facilities. Please note that anyone working will need to provide food safety training (can be completed free and online here) and that we charge a fully-refundable cleaning deposit.


Selling cakes, serving beverages and providing other goods for movie nights or trivia - the cafe is as cool as a cucumber on a wintry Thursday night in Clayton. 



The Wholefoods Space is open all semester long, and groups are welcome to hire out the entire space after hours (5pm onwards) on weekdays, or alternatively have an area set aside during the day. There are seats and couches for 130 people, as well as balcony space during the warmer months. Let us know if you'll need access to the microphone or projector.

To express your interest in booking our space, please complete this form.

For more information, please consult our Events and Catering Package

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