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Wholefoods is a versatile, unique option for events and catering that prioritises low-cost, low-waste, healthy and organically run functions. Come check us out!

For more information about hosting your event at Wholefoods, click here to see our booking and catering packages.

Email us at for your next catering event!. 

A wide shot of the wholefoods servery area, with blurred students in the foreground eating at tables
A close up of one of our cakes, it has white icing in the middle and on top with orange icing swirls
Book our space
Come join the community here at Wholefoods, where we eat tasty food and share the company

The Wholefoods Space is open all semester long, and groups are welcome to hire out the entire space after hours (from 5pm) on weekdays, or alternatively have an area set aside during the day. There are seats and couches for 130 people, as well as balcony space. We can also provide access to our microphone or projector.

Our kitchen is ready to prepare meals for fundraisers and other events, with access to ovens, stoves and dishwashing facilities. Please note that anyone working will need to provide food safety training (can be completed free and online) and that we charge a fully-refundable cleaning deposit.

For more information please contact us at

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