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Our mission is to:

  1. To provide only vegetarian and vegan food​, using organic​ and ethically produced and traded ingredients wherever possible;

  2. To encourage voluntary student participation​ at all levels of operation of Wholefoods, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation;

  3. To demonstrate that a Collective​ (operating by consensus decision-making) is a viable alternative to hierarchical organisation​;

  4. To create an atmosphere which promotes social awareness​ and possibilities for social change through, for example, encouraging use of Wholefoods as a venue for student cultural, social and political activities;

  5. To create an environment which promotes and encourages open skill-sharing between members of the Wholefoods community;

  6. To purchase from local suppliers​ and use alternative marketing systems, including cooperatives, wherever possible;

  7. To maintain a not-for-profit philosophy​ whereby the restaurant aims to break even. This means covering all costs, which includes making contributions to the MSA capital reserves fund and the MSA major equipment fund and generating revenue to reinvest into the restaurant as capital or as an emergency fund for less profitable years.

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