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Meal Tickets, Knitting Workshop & Colour Party - Week 3 Update

A scrumptious muffin display from last week.

Week 3, ace!

Before anything else, let's talk about last week's Collective.

- We had some really fruitful discussion about a paid falafel/salad shift; and decided to implement a trial over the coming weeks. This trial will see a staff member and a volunteer come in early on Monday and Wednesday to churn out some falafel mix and put together a salad for the day. Stay tuned for more!

- We also had a lengthy talk about the possibilities of better integrating the Wholefoods and MSA volunteer reward systems, so that folks who contribute a lot of hours are still able to redeem their vouchers for MSA points if they wish to do so. We haven't reached any concrete conclusions yet, but there will be a meeting held at 3pm this Wednesday with Stef Maccar (head of MSA volunteering) to discuss possibilities; anyone who is interested in participating should come along!

In other news, Wholefoods has been steady! We're currently without our head cook Jay who has come down with a nasty bug, but resident legend Manjula has been doing a fabulous job whipping up delicious curry and dahl for the masses. We could also use a couple of extra hands helping out with cleaning at the end of each day, so make sure to head over to our volunteers page if you're interested in signing up.

We're also in the early stages of introducing a Wholefoods partnership with local permaculture farms! This would see students place weekly orders for cheap, seasonal produce that they'd then pick up from Wholefoods. Don't hold your breath, but Brett is really keen on this one! If wanna get involved, hit him up for a chat at

Also - our first party for the semester is on! Colour Bloc is happening on Thursday the 16th of August (Week 4) and we're all pretty keen to get our boogie on. Come on down to meet other Wholefoodians and join in some good cheer, or get in touch with Caroline ( if you're keen to help the organising committee!

Lastly, let's have a quick look at what's on this week:

Monday: Free Food (MSA Welfare)

Tuesday: Let's Torque Semi Final #1

Wednesday: Student Body Podcast (listen in to Radio Monash from 2pm to catch Brett and myself having a chat with Adam and Ariel from the Student Body about food and why we love it!).

Thursday: Open Mic, MOVE Coffee club & knitting workshop.

Friday: -

Check out our events page for more details.

That's all for now, catch you next time!

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