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Colour Bloc Party, Potato Salad and Wicking Workshops - Week 4 Update

Week 4! It's that time of semester where we all know we're behind on uni work, but stress levels haven't reached critical mass. Love it.

Couple of things to share for this week.

Most importantly, Colour Bloc Party! This Thursday evening, Wholefoods will become a wall of colour (edible and non-edible) as our big ol' fam gets down for a boogie and some fun tunes. Bright yellow tops and orange pants highly encouraged, check it out here for more deets.

Jay's back in the kitchen and cooking up a storm like the good old times, and our first ever salad shift took place this morning. By the red on the radish's roots are we keen to see this become a thing! Jules whipped together a delicious potato mix, which has been going gangbusters in the servery.

Monash Perma is coming in later this week to smash together some wicking baskets for the plant boxes on the balcony, and Brett and I have postponed our food podcast until this Wednesday. Hit us up if you want a shout out on the radio!

Last up, Kombooooch has finally arrived in the cafe. We're not completely sold on the brand however, so we'd love to hear your feedback. Did you like it? Is there another supplier you can think of with a better product? We'd love to hear your feedback.

That's all for this week, keep groovin' twisty turnips! L

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