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Slow Evening - Week 5 Update

Week 5! After a hectic first few weeks, things are evening out here at Wholefoods and spring vibes are well and truly in the air.

Not too much news to share this week. Last week's party was really nice, Michelle brought her DJ deck down for some experimental tunes, and Brett and El put together a hearty meal for the group that turned up. In the end, it turned out to be more of a nice community dinner than a party, but that's the beauty of Wholefoods.

On the topic of community dinners, tomorrow night is our Slow Evening! Caroline has done a phenomenal job putting together this relaxing opportunity to sit down with a mug of chai and hot soup, and relax for a couple of hours away from all the stresses of uni.

Finally, we decided at Collective last week that we would trial a dual volunteer voucher system, where volunteers who were interested can opt to log their hours under the MSA volunteering scheme as opposed to receiving Wholefoods meal tickets. The MSA rewards scheme is less lucrative in terms of monetary value, but provides a broader array of items that points can be redeemed for, especially for volunteers who contribute more than one shift per week.

That's all from me! Weekly calendar below.


Free Food Mondays from 7pm


Slow Evening



Open Mic

MOVE Coffee Club


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