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Quiz Night and Collective - Week 7 Update

Week 7 at Wholefoods! Spring is starting to tingle some toes and many of our patrons are neglecting uni to bask in the sun (and why not?), so things have been a little quieter than the start of semester. But read on, dear subscriber.

Last week was an eventful one! Our collective meeting on Thursday was a really nice opportunity to build on some changes we made at the previous meeting, where we split off into smaller groups to discuss agenda items. The feedback from this change has been really positive, as it's meant that more people are able and willing to contribute to the discussion.

In unrelated news, Brett baked on Wednesday! Coconut and passion fruit cake was the theme of the day, a treat which confidently dispelled any doubts that may have surrounded Brett's ability to whip up a sweet, sweet storm of goodness.

This week will play host to some more fun events, including our increasingly well-supported open mic! In recent weeks, we've seen a talented crop of individuals, bands, and even some homegrown Wholefoodian karaoke. We've also got the club vs club vs club trivia night happening on Thursday, and the perma potato cookout on the Friday night.

And that's the news from the front this week! [Make sure you sit on the balcony if you come in this week, the weather is beautiful.]

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