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Twoth Fundraiser and Kombucha Workshop - Week 8 Update

Hellooooo internet!

First and foremost, shout out to Betsy! As the first person to ever let me know that they actually read these posts, it's been a revelation that I'm not just typing into the void.

In other news, it's been a little intense this week with student elections (there are a lot of pink shirts around campus centre), but the weather has been on the up! The balcony is getting some good use and our baby herbs in their wicking baskets have been soaking up the rays.

Last week was one of our quieter ones this semester, but that's provided a great opportunity for our ops team to get together and brainstorm re-establishing the grocery, cost out salad shifts, set up surveys and many other things. Big thanks to Tammy, Serene, Victor, Giang and Lonni for their help.

We also were lucky enough to have the team from Sustainable Clothing Swap come in last week and set up a quick stall, which went down fantastically! If you missed this one, there's another one happening in Week 11.

This week, we've got Collective happening tonight at 4:30pm, a fundraising event for Twoth bamboo toothbrushes on Wednesday (check them out!), the Japanese club curry night/AGM on Thursday and a Kombucha workshop from Monash perma on Friday eve. On top of that, we've got our regular open mic on Thursday, MOVE coffee club, and all the regular weekly shenanigans.

That's all for now! Please note I won't be in Melbourne next week, so no blog posts! If you don't think you'll cope, please harass Brett or Caroline on their staff emails ;)

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